Pearl Jam - Off He Goes chords version 1

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Off He Goes chords
Pearl Jam

Individual notes: Open A string, D string 3rd fret, D string 2nd fret
Am (chord)x2
F/C x2
C F/C F Am CKnow a man, his face seemed pulled and tense
F C F C F C Am CLike he's riding on a motorbike, in the strongest winds
F C F CSo I approach with tact; suggest that he should relax
F C F C AmBut he's always moving much too fast
F Am F Am FSaid he'll see me on the flipside, on this trip he's taken for a ride
C F C F CHe's been taking, too much on, there he goes
F C F C Am F Cwith his perfectly, unkempt clothes; there he goes
F C 4x
F C F/C F/CHe's yet to come back, but I see his picture
F C Am F C FDoesn't look the same up on the rack, we go way back
Am F Am FI wonder bout his insides, it's like his thought are too big for his size
C F C F CHe's been taking; where I don't know; off he goes
F C F C Am F Cwith his perfectly, unkept hopes; there he goes
F C 4x
F C F C F/CAnd now I rub my eyes, for he has returned
F C Am FSeems my preconceptions are what should have been burned
C F C F/CFor he still smiles; and he's still strong
F C F C AmNothing's changed but the surrounding bullshit; that has grown
F C F CAnd now he's home and we're laughing
F C F C F C Am FLike we always did, my same old, same old friend,
C F C F/Cuntil a quarter to ten, I saw the strain creep in
F C F C Am FHe seemed distracted and I know just what is going to happen next;
C F Cbefore his first step, he is off again
Solo F C 4x Set8
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