Phair Liz – Mesmerizing tab

"MESMERIZING" by Liz Phair

Album: Exile In Guyville
From: Steve Wakeley 
Tuning: Standard

This one is played with bar chords

G    355433
Bb   688766
F    133211
C    335553
Ab   466544
Ab/A 566544
D7   557575


 G  Bb   F   Bb  G  C  (2x) 

 G  Bb   F   Ab  Ab/A

 (G   C)  (2x) 

 G              C    
  You said...
 D                G    Ab   
  straight to my...               
 G              C           
  You tossed....  
 D            G        Ab    
  my hands...               
 G              C     
  After backing...
 D            G        Ab         
  as you...                 
 G              C   
  Don't you...     
 D             G       Ab  
  rivers met..                 
 G                   Bb       A   
  Don't you know...                
  you know me well 
           Bb        A    Ab   F       
  I'm even happier...          I..
 G   Bb    F    Ab  D7   
  like it..             I...
 G   Bb    F    Ab  D7
  like it..    


 C              G        C  
  With all of...                 
 C              G        C
  Wild and...


Play this with solo: G Bb F Bb C (2x) G Bb F C D (to bridge) to [SOLO] Play this after 2nd solo: C G (3x) C to [SOLO] [END RIFF]
E-----------------------------------------------------------------------B-----------------------------------------------------------------------G-15------------15----------------------15-15---------------15-15------- D----17-17--17----17-17---17-17~-17-17-------h17-17~-17-17-------h17-17~A-----------------------------------------------------------------------E-----------------------------------------------------------------------
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