Phair Liz – Soap Star Joe tab

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From: devastator mike controller 
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 14:49:37 -0400
Subject: still more liz phair tab

here is yet another tune i figured out for your listening pleasure...
the main riff is cool, i didn't think i'd be able to figure it out, but i
managed to get it and i think it's exactly what's played on the cd.
aren't you proud of me?

soap star joe

main riff:

Eb Bb Eb Ab C# funky riffe-----------------------------------------------------------------|B-------8--8----6--6----8--8----4-------6--6----------------------|G-------8--8----7--7----8--8----5-------6--6----3p2p1-2-3-3p2p0-1-|D-------8--8----8--8----8--8----6-------6--6----------------------|A-------6--6----6--6----6--6----4-------4--4----------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------| 1* 2* 3* 4*
in simple terms... 1* = A shape barre at 6th fret 2* = E shape barre at 6th fret 3* = E shape barre at 4th fret 4* = A shape barre at 4th fret e----- B----- verses: G----- Eb Bb Ab C# Ab D -------> D crd= D--1-- he's just a hero in a long line of heroes A--1-- E----- Eb Bb Ab C# Ab D looking for something attractive to say (not sure of the lyrics) repeat the weird part that goes "check out the thinning hair..." has lots of layered guitars, so you can play single notes or use the crds shown above. i won't tab that part cuz i don't remember how it goes, but it's pretty simple, now that you've got all the pieces in front of you! -tabbed by jeff kim
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