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Date: Sun, 15 Oct 1995 22:13:45 EDT


   by PHiSH   <>{

Intro chords :
A -> G x4

After a series of drums gradually building up ,


A -> G x4

A -> G -> D -> E x4

A -> G x5

   A          G               A     G
"Slave to the traffic light.  Slave..."

   A          G               A     G
"Slave to the traffic light.  Slave..."


  A                            G                            A      G
"Seen the city, seen the zoo, traffic light won't let me through."

(Stacatto) E -> D

A -> G -> A -> G

(Stacatto) E -> D

E -> D x3

(Stacatto) F -> G -> A x3
(Stacatto) F -> G

Then comes some funky guitar stuff which I couldn't figure out
followed by some piano stuff and more guitar.  This eventually leads
into the jam of the song.

The chords underlying the jam are :

A -> G -> D -> E

At the end of the jam, Trey hits these chords really hard and lets
the last A chord ring:

F -> G -> AF -> G -> AF -> G -> AF -> G -> F -> G -> F -> G -> A
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