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From: James_Renihan@eyenet.eybe.edu.on.ca
Date: Apr 4th 1998

guitar (comes in later. quite noticable)e---------------------------|B---------------------------|G---------------------------|D-2-2--5--2-2--5--2-5-7-----|A-2-2--5--2-2--5--2-5-7-----|E-0-0--3--0-0--3--0-3-5-----|
this plays almost comnstantly from now on. I think the high part is like this.. but I'm not sure:
it should be higher.. but it doesn't sound right when I raise it an octave. who knows. The rest of the variations on it are similar.. just fiddle. In some (all?) live versions, this slow paced song gets quite sped up.... the guitar part is just sped up... turns into quite the rocker. yay. that's it. the words: White lightning man Kills the night Bring the light for those who need to hide And when the lonely stills the cold Psychic heat begins to fall apart Commit some social suicide You can run but never hide away Kill the night Arrogant boy, reduced to tears Crossed by the stratsophere Kill the night Conciousness or unconciousness Did not know bring the night Satellite The needle's in the groove No damage done All I really want to do is have some fun Tonight -------------- That's all I know right now...
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