Pigface – Think tab


^This part 3 times ^Then this once
the lone bassline with Martin's speech in the Addiction/Salvation remix is like this:
yeah.. the lyrics, as best I can figure, are: THINK (Addiction/Salvation Mix) -------- Verse: I knew I'd be alone when I caught you Creeping through my mind Alone with all my fear The pressure building in my head I saw you lying there Oh, I made a mess of mine And all those around Think you're so damn cool You're so damn cool. Chorus: Don't think about it Addiction User or Loser Don't think about it Salvation User or Loser Mind Abuser Interlude: I'm thinking clearly... I'm thinking clearly... I'm thinking clearly... I'm thinking clearly... And now I don't know Martin's Speech: Think- Don't be fooled Be Humble Be Religious Salvation! Think very hard about your future- And your Life Carefully write it down on a large Piece of Paper And Flush it down the toilet. that's all there is. Tommorrow I go to the Pigface concert! yay!
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