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Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 00:37:04 -0400
From: renihan 
Subject: p/pigface/think.tab

from Notes From The Underground/Feels Like Heaven...

this is a cool song.. but in my opinion the original
(on Notes From The Underground) is NOT very good...
the remix on Feels Like Heaven is very good though..
and all live versions I've heard are good too..
anyway. here it is....

It is in Dropped-D (DADGBE)


^This part 3 times ^Then this once
the lone bassline with Martin's speech in the Addiction/Salvation remix is like this:
yeah.. the lyrics, as best I can figure, are: THINK (Addiction/Salvation Mix) -------- Verse: I knew I'd be alone when I caught you Creeping through my mind Alone with all my fear The pressure building in my head I saw you lying there Oh, I made a mess of mine And all those around Think you're so damn cool You're so damn cool. Chorus: Don't think about it Addiction User or Loser Don't think about it Salvation User or Loser Mind Abuser Interlude: I'm thinking clearly... I'm thinking clearly... I'm thinking clearly... I'm thinking clearly... And now I don't know Martin's Speech: Think- Don't be fooled Be Humble Be Religious Salvation! Think very hard about your future- And your Life Carefully write it down on a large Piece of Paper And Flush it down the toilet. that's all there is. Tommorrow I go to the Pigface concert! yay! James_Renihan@eyenet.eybe.edu.on.ca is the addy I go by.. give me a holler. ren
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