Pluto - Dance Stamina tab

these are the main riffs except the interlude its all by ear so i admit its not 100% but 
is the first tab for this song on the entire internet so yea
there are two guitars in this song

there are no 1s and 2s and 3s and 4s in these first two riffs they are 12s 13s 14s and 15s

keep in mind tht for some of the riffs effects are used which makes it sound like the 
is played more than once

also there is a keyboardist in pluto

RIFF 1                        RIFF 2

e----------------------| e------------------------|B----------------------| B-------------------12(b)| (b)=sometimesG--9----9----11-9--11-9| G------12--11--12--9-----| theres a bendD12-9-12-9-12----12----| D14--12------------------|A----------------------| A------------------------|E----------------------| E------------------------|
RIFF 3e----------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------|G----------9--------11-9----11-9---------|D12----9-12--12-9-12----12-9----12-9-9-9-|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
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