Poison – Only Time Will Tell tab

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   From: Axel Hoe Wei Yang (rollercoaster27@gmail.com) 
   Artist: Poison
   Song: Only Time Will Tell

G Cadd9 D Em7 C Am F Eb -3-----3-----2-----0-----x-----0-----1-----| Bb -3-----3-----3-----3-----1-----1-----1-----| Gb -0-----0-----2-----0-----0-----2-----2-----| Db -0-----2-----0-----2-----2-----2-----3-----| Ab -2-----3-----x-----2-----3-----0-----3-----| Eb -3-----x-----x-----0-----0-----x-----1-----|-
[G]I just needed someone [D]Somebody to hold [Cadd9]When the bottle was empty [Cadd9]and the nights grew cold [G]In my hour of darkness [D]In my time of need [Cadd9]You were my angel of mercy [Cadd9]And help me to believe [Em7]You touched my soul [Cadd9]When I was lonely [Em7]You held me up [D]when I couldn't fly [G]There's no words could explain [D]How I feel inside [Cadd9]And this I tell you Short Solo (G, D, Em7, Cadd9) [G]In a world full of anger [D]and times gone strange [Cadd9]You held me close [Cadd9]You held me close to you [G}Lay my head on your shoulder [D}I finally let it all out [Cadd9]It felt good for a moment [Cadd9]Not living in a shadow of doubt [Em7]But everybody needs a little something [Cadd9]To pull them through [Em7]I gave one for the other [Cadd9]And God know that the other was you Chorus: [G]Now only time will tell [D]Only time will tell [Em7]If our love is scratched in sand [Cadd9]Or if it's etched in stone [G]Only time will tell [D]Only time will tell [Em7]If our love will stand [Cadd9]Or walk the road alone [Am]My angel of mercy [C]Pulled me through somehow [G]I just hope you know [F]I need you now Solo [C, F, C, F, Em7, F, G] [Em7]You're the one [F]That touched my very soul [Em7]The one who held on tight [D]God knows you never let go [G]Angel of mercy [D]It's time we closed the door [Cadd9]Put out the lights [Cadd9]And burn the fire Burn the fire inside
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