Prince – Love tab

by Prince from "3121" (2006)
All parts transcribed for guitar "by ear".

KB Riff 1 (transcribed for guitar)--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|---11-10----11-10---8/10---11-10--11-10-----------|--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|
KB Riff 2 (transcribed for guitar)-------------------------------------------|------------/9----------------/11----------|-------------------------------------------|-----6------------------6------------------|--8----8-----------8-----8-----------------|-------------------------------------------|
Verse - KB Riff 2 plays over the verse but without the high slide notes (“/9” and “/11”) Stop telling me what you want me to hear Stop telling me what you want me to fear Stop trippin on something you overheard Love is winning without a word Stop giving me your wishlist Love is free from all this Chorus Ab(addBb) Bbm Like a bird flying over the hilltop Cm Bbm9 Love is like a bird you know it never stops Ab(addBb) Bbm From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks Cm C7 Love is whatever, whatever you want it to be
Funky guitar riff – played twice---/13-----------------------13--13-------|---/13---13-13-------------15--16---------|---/13---13-13-------------13--13---------|---/13---12-13-------------15--15---------|------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------|
KB Riff 3 (transcribed for guitar)---11\10p8-------|----9--9-9-------|---10-10-10------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Verse 2 - same as verse 1 except where indicated Love is not a game U can play on the floor KB riff 3 U gotta stop keepin´ score If U wanna, If U want 2 play me like U did b4 KB riff 3 U better stop and walk out the door KB Riff 1 (throughout rest of verse) U can skate around the issue if U like But who´s gonna get U high in the middle of the night? Verse 3 (just drums) I c U standing with Ur back on the wall U better, better get Ur hands up and clap if that´s all And uh, if U don´t wanna get Urs, then let me get mine See, ain´t gonna be no drama ´cause we have a good time
KB riff 4-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|--8--9--10---------|-------------------|-------------------|
Bridge Fm7sus2 Riff 4 What´s the point of giving me ultimatums? Fm7sus2 Riff 4 Smiling at my friends when U really hate ´em Db Cm Bbm Trying 2 convince me Cm that eye should 2... C7 What´s the point? Verse 4 (KB riff 1 played throughout) Stop worryin´ about what people say When it ain´t gonna stop them anyway Love can do anything if U try Come on... Spread Ur wings... Let´s fly, fly so high Outro (variations) I c U standing with Ur back on the wall Better get Ur hands up and clap if that´s all If U don´t wanna get Urs, then let me get mine See, ain´t gonna b no drama ´cause we have a good time Bounce Aww, shake that thing, c´mon Ahh, bounce it baby Aww, shake that thing c´mon Good god Chords (EADGBE) Ab(addBb) (466546) Bbm (688666) Cm (8-10-10-8-8-8)
Bbm9 (688668)C7 (x35353)Fm7sus2 (x-8-10-8-8-8)
Transcribed by FunknFresh
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