Professor Longhair – Stagolee tab

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From: (Rick Moore)
Subject: CRD: Stagolee

Someone requested some older blues tab. I don't have the tab for this
one but here's the basic chord progression and the lyrics. The actual
chord progression and beat is directly proportionate to the quantity
of attitude adjusters consumed. Have fun. If any of you have the tab
for this I'd like to see it.

Professor Longhair's version

[E]It was early early one mornin'
Boys I [A]heard that fool dog bark
He was [E]barkin' at the two men
Who were [B7]gamblin in the [E]dark

[E]It was Stagolee & Billy Lion
Boys, they were [A]gamblin that early day
Yeah, they [E]tossed up that seven
Billy [B7]Lion told him the easy [E]way

Stagolee lost all his money
Lost his new cadilac
He said I believe your cheatin'
Don't be here when I get back

Stagolee went home
& he knocked up on his woman's door
He said wake up little Bertha baby
& hand me my forty-four

You know Bertha rose out of bed screamin
She was lookin him dead smack in the eye
She said come on in honey
I can see some poor man's gonna die

Then Stagolee told Bertha
That he had lost his new cadilic
But he believed Billy was cheatin
& she knew he wouldn't go for that

Stagolee went back on the corner
& stood up in the barroom door
& he said don't nobody move
Cuz I got me my forty-four

Stagolee cried Billy
& he shot the poor boy so fast
The bullet went through Billy
& it broke the bartenders glass

Then Billy Lion started screamin
I heard him say Stagolee don't take my life
You know I got two little children
& a poor little old sickly wife

Stagolee told Billy
Yeah I know you got a cute little boy & girl
If you want to see your family billy
You'll have to meet 'em in another world
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