Professor Longhair – Tipitina chords

Here's my first chords for Tipitina, it may be inaccurate but still sounds good.

Intro: F7 B7 F7 C7 F C7

F7Tipitina tra la la la
B7Whoa la la la-ah tra la la
F7Tipitina, oola malla walla dalla [little mama wants a dollar]
C7 F C7Tra ma tra la la
F7Hey Loberta, oh poor Loberta
B7Girl you hear me calling you
F7Well you're three times seven, baby
C7 F C7Knows what you want to do
F7Say Loberta, oh poor Loberta
B7Girl, you tell me where you been
F7When you come home this morning, honey
C7 F C7You had your belly full of gin
F7I'll say hurry, hurry, come on Loberta
B7Girl, you have company waiting for you at home
F7Why don't you hurry little Loberta girl, hurry
C7 F C7Don't leave that boy alone
F7Tipitina tra la la la
B7Whoa la la la-ah tra la la la
F7Tipitina, hoola malla walla dalla
C7 F C7Tra ma ti na na
F7Come on baby, we're going balling
B7We're gonna have ourselves a good time
F7We gonna hoola tralla walla malla dalla
C7 F C7Drink some mellow wine
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