Pulp – Down By The River chords

Down By The River
(Jarvis Cocker, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle, Steve Mackey, Nick Banks) 

Chords :

Bm : X24432Bm2: X24430
Em : 022000 F# : 244322
Riff : Bm Bm2 Eme ---14-12-14----12-10-12--10------10-------B -----------------------------12------12---
Bm Bm2 F#e ---14-12-14----12-10-12--10---------------B -----------------------------12--14-------
Bm Bm2 Eme ---14-12-14----12-10-12--10------10-------B -----------------------------12------12---
F# Bme ------------------------------------------B ---------14---14---14----15--14--12-------
Bm2 Em BmTake me down to the river
Bm2 F# BmWhere I would not go before
Bm2 EmThrough the trees and the rushes
F# BmTo a place we both know
And I'm feeling much younger As I kneel on the ground Dip my toe in the water Of the river where I watched you drown Na da da, na na na na, na na na
Em BmOh, when the river ran dry that next year
Em BmI could not find your body
Em BmNow I'm standing here ready at last
F# BmTo dive down and reach you again
Bm2 Em BmAnd I long to be with you
Bm2 F# BmNow these cold nights have come
Bm2 EmOh I go down to the river
C# C BmBut the river will stop for no-one
C# C BmThough I ask it, it keeps flowing on
C# C BmWhen I ask it, it tells me you're gone.
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