Pastor Joey Crisostomo – Jesus What A Wonderful Name chords

D EmJesus what a wonderful Name
F#mWhat a glorious Name
G AAwesome and powerful Name
D EmMy Savior, Reedemer, and friend
F#mMy Lord and my king
G ATo You I will bow down and sing
G D/FIn Your Name I give glory
G D/F BmIn Your Name I will bow down and sing
Em AThere’s healing in Your Name,
F#m BThere’s power in Your Name,
Em A D D7No other Name like Jesus.
G A F#m BmWhen I speak Your Name, mountain bow down
Em A D D7When I speak Your Name, there’s healing
G AWhen I speak Your Name
F#m BmHeaven rejoices
Em AWhat a wonderful Name,
F#m BWhat a wonderful Name,
Em AWhat a wonderful Name,
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