Paul Weller – Sunflower chords

{Riff} Intro and Chorus'e|-----7-------7-------7-------7-------7-------7-------7-------7---|B|---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5-|G|-7-------7-------6-------6-------5-------5-------4-------4-------|D|-----------------------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
[Verse 1]
Am EmI don't care how long this lasts
Am EmWe have no future, we have no past
C GI write this now while I'm in control
F EmI'll choose the words and how the melody goes
[Verse 2]
Am EmAlong winding streets we walked hand in hand
AmAnd how I long for that sharp wind
EmTo take my breath away again
C GI'd run my fingers through your hair
F EmHair like a wheatfield I'd run through
EmThat I'd run through...
[Chorus] -Riff-
N.C.And I miss you so - I miss you so
N.C.Now you're gone, I feel so alone
N.C.I miss you so
[Verse 3]
Am EmI'd send you a flower - a Sunflower bright
Am Em'Cause you cloud my days messing up my nights
C GAnd all the way up to the top of your head
F EmSun-showered kisses I felt we had
[Chorus] -Riff-
N.C.And I miss you so - Oh baby I miss you so
N.C.Now your gone, I feel so low - oh I miss you so, I do
N.C.But I miss you so - Oh darling I miss you so
N.C.Now your gone, I feel so low - oh I said I miss you so, I do
N.C.All I gotta do is think of you - and I miss you so
N.C.Baby I'm... I'm afraid to say why - I miss you so
N.C.Baby I'm... I'm afraid to say why - Oh I miss you so
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