Radical Face - Burning Bridges tab


Tabbed by Sam Wallis (sam_8orbetter@hotmail.co.uk)


D G Cut my head on broken progress A D D/C# Bm Cut my hands while building castle walls G A Nobody dies before they sleep So fluff your pillow baby D G Squeeky wheels with abject ideals A D D/C# welter do so headaches do us all Bm G A7 nobody tries they all just sink A G D the cops tore the playground down A G D the children watch from tops of trees A G D no ones gonna save them now Bm G A D so they'll go home and find a place to sleep D G spend the weekdays burning bridges A D D/C# Bm spent the weekends watching all them fall G A nobody cares unless it's free so hide your wallet baby D G spineless saviours heartless lovers A D D/C# Bm souless jokers never last for long G A7 nobody wins until they bleed A G D Dsus2 there's cracks in their smiles now A G D Dsus2 as they wont ever leave us be A G D nothing gonna hurts us now Bm G A D so we'll just wait them out until we're free D G i'm not scared and i'm not worried A D D/C# Bm nothing really bugs me much these days G A7 i've got my home i've got what i need
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