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Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 11:40:56 -0800
From: Otto Marten 
Subject: CRD: Angel Eyes / Willis Alan Ramsey

Angel Eyes
Willis Alan Ramsey

Willis Alan Ramsey recorded one classic album on Leon's Shelter
 records back in 73 or 74.  The album has been reissued on CD. 
 W A Ramsey is still giggin' ya gotta see 'im.

The | is a bar line and / is a beat within a  measure that
 designates playing the same as previous chord.  No bar lines
 means the chord will get an entire measure's time.  Two 
 chords per measure split the measure exactly in half.  W.A.
 actually plays in different tunings, these changes are really
 implied voicings.
I usually play those first chords:
 A     X07650
 E6    X06450
 Da9   X04230
 E     022100
 F#-7  044220
 G-6   055330
 E7    076750

A ballad

A           E6/G#
Look in any corner
Da9/F#     |E F#-7 G-6 E7/G# |
Look in any place
A           E6/G#
Look in any city
Da9/F#       |E F#-7 G-6 E7/G# |
Find a pretty face
Dj7                     Aj7
And then come 'round to my house
    Dj7             E11
And I will show you more
         A     A
My love adore

She is one from the mountains
She is one from the plains
She is one with the woodlands
And she's at home on the range
And all these things of beauty
They left a kiss on her
I'll tell you sir

     D#dim7                             D-
I say lord she is as sweet as one of her pecan pies
Aj7/C#                         Cdim7
Listenin' to her laffter I get hypnotized
| B-/D C#-/D D     E/D | B-/E C#-/E D/E  E   |Aj7
  Good-ness  knows I     love       my Angel  Eyes
E6/G#            |Dadd9/F#           |E F#-7 G-6 E7/G# |
  I love my Angel Eyes oh, yes, yes I do

She is understandin'
Patient with my dreams
She is not demandin'
She does not stomp and scream
And you know each nite as I love her
I thank the great divine
That she is mine


transcribed by OttMan marten@sky.net
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