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Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 11:41:45 -0800
From: Otto Marten 
Subject: CRD:  Painted Lady / Willis Alan Ramsey

Painted Lady
Willis Alan Ramsey

Willis Alan Ramsey recorded one classic album on Leon's Shelter
 records back in 73 or 74.  The album has been reissued on CD. 
 W A Ramsey is still giggin' ya gotta see 'im.

Notation:  Each chord is a measure, each / is a measure
 of the previous chord.
Try these chords:
 G    320033
 Ca9  332033
 F6a9 x33233
W.A. actually plays in different tunings, these changes are
 really implied voicings.
Country feel.

G            /                 D                /
Followin the stars through the honkey-tonks and bars
F6a9            Ca9           G      /
Dream away on a country music pride
G                 /
Start the evenin' by myself,
             D                  /
 but you can bet by the hour of twelve
             F6a9           Ca9        G       G
Gonna have a pretty painted lady by my side
                F6a9           Ca9        G     /    G    /
Talkin' ^?bout a pretty painted lady by my side

Now I'll tell that woman how it used to be
when the west was wild and the land was free
How a western word would travel for a country mile
Then one day when the drugstores came
 and forced my hand to play a truckin' game
Wishin' to be a cowboy all the while
           F               C              G      /
Yes, I was wishin' to be a cowboy all the while

E-           /                   A-         /
Painted Lady tell me of the past gone byG / C /Hold me like the open range and ride me highE- / A- C D / D /Take me to the days when your dress was made of calico or gingham C / A- / F6a9 / / /And a man was a man....G / G /
Painted Lady with your painted face Tell me bout your life in this painted place Tell me with your lovin' lips and lovin' eyes I can feel the pain, I can see the fears on the painted cheeks that hide the tears Of a lovely lonesome cowgirl in disguise Talkin' bout a lovely lonesome cowgirl in disguise Chorus transcribed by OttMan marten@sky.net
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