Ramsey Willis Alan – Goodbye Ol Missoula tab

Goodbye to Old Missoula by Willis Alan Ramsey
(capo up 2 frets to match CD and LP. Remember what an LP is? Cool.)

A                    A7
Searchin' for the sunlight
Bm7               A
On this winter's day
     A      C#m    F#m   A
But here in Old Missoula
           Bm7            E
They've thrown the sun away
A               A7
Come tomorrow morning
     Bm7                     A
I'm headed for the Bozeman Round
           A        C#m  F#m        E     A   C Bm A
And it's goodbye to Old Missoula, sleepy town

A                   A7
I met a girl named Rosie
Bm7                A
Sweet as she could be
A      C#m        F#m   A
But I guess that Rosie
Bm7                      E
She didn't have eyes for me
A                    A7
Time waits for no one
Bm7                  A
Lord, why did I hesitate?
          A         C#M  F#m        E        A    C Bm A
And it's goodbye to Old Missoula, a day too late

E                    A
Clouds hang on the mountain
E                        A
They make me lonesome inside
C#m                      F#m
And these four walls surround me
Bm7                  E
Leaving no place to hide

Harmonica (last 3 lines of a verse)

A                           A7
Goodbye Rosie you'll never know
Bm7                      A
Time tells my love will pass
                C#m         F#m      A
But if I just remember your smilin' face
Bm7                        E
That's all of time that I ask
A                     A7
Show in this town is over
Bm7                 A
Maybe just never began
           A        C#m  F#m       E               A    C Bm A
And it's goodbye to Old Missoula, done all that I can

           A        C#m  F#m         A        C#m   F#m
And it's goodbye to Old Missoula, goodbye to Old Missoula
A          C#m  F#m       E      A    C Bm A
Goodbye to Old Missoula, sleepy town

Tabbed by Tom his ownself. Questions? Comments? Try tommur@gmail.com

A A7 e|---|---|---|---|---| e|---|---|---|---|---| B|---|-X-|---|---|---| B|---|-X-|---|---|---| G|---|-X-|---|---|---| G|---|---|---|---|---| D|---|-X-|---|---|---| D|---|-X-|---|---|---| A|---|---|---|---|---| A|---|---|---|---|---| E|---|---|---|---|---| E|---|---|---|---|---|
Bm7 C#M e|---|-X-|---|---|---| e|---|---|---|-X-|---|---| B|---|---|-X-|---|---| B|---|---|---|---|-x-|---| G|---|-X-|---|---|---| G|---|---|---|---|---|-X-| D|---|---|---|-X-|---| D|---|---|---|---|---|-X-| A|---|-X-|---|---|---| A|---|---|---|-X-|---|---| E|---|---|---|---|---| E|---|---|---|---|---|---|
F#m E e|---|-X-|---|---|---| e|---|---|---|---|---| B|---|---|-X-|---|---| B|---|---|---|---|---| G|---|---|---|-X-|---| G|-X-|---|---|---|---| D|---|---|---|-X-|---| D|---|-X-|---|---|---| A|---|-X-|---|---|---| A|---|-X-|---|---|---| E|---|-X-|---|---|---| E|---|---|---|---|---|
C Bm e|---|---|---|---|---| e|---|-X-|---|---|---| B|-X-|---|---|---|---| B|---|---|-X-|---|---| G|---|---|---|---|---| G|---|---|---|-X-|---| D|---|-X-|---|---|---| D|---|---|---|-X-|---| A|---|---|-X-|---|---| A|---|-X-|---|---|---| E|---|---|---|---|---| E|---|---|---|---|---|
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