Raul Castro – Beauty And Madness chords

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Intro:Bbm7/D  Eb  Bb/D  Eb6
      Bbm7/D  Cm Fsus4  F

Verse 1

Bbm7/D Eb Bb/D Eb6over there, just beneath the moon
Bbm7/D Cm Fsus Fthere's a man with a bur--- den to keep.
Bbm7/D Eb Bb/D Eb6now sleep will fall washout rags n' paper bags.
Bbm7/D Cm Fsus Fhomes and lives pas--sing by.
Eb5 Ebm Ebm7 Fsus4 who will see the beauty in your life
Eb Bb/D Cm Fsus2 Bb Bb/Dand who will be there to hear you when you call?
Eb5 Ebm Ebm7 Fsus4 who will see the madness in your life?
Eb Ebm Ebm7 Fsus4and who will be there to catch you if you fall?
Eb7 Eb F F Bb/D
Eb Bb/D Eb6 Bbm7/D CmVerse 2
(do verse chord pattern) now dreams run wild, as lovers find their way through the night, not a care in the world. and over there, over the twinkling of the lights harbor lights, say goodnight one more time. (Repeat chorus) Coda: Eb-Bb/D-Cm-F-Bb…
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