Everyday I Love You chords with lyrics by Raul Castro - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Raul Castro – Everyday I Love You chords

tab:            EVERY DAY I LOVE YOU - BOYZONE
Tabbed by Phil Tsang  E-mail: ptcreative@hotmail.com

Intro: D G A De----10-12-|14-9-10----|------9-10--|-12----9---|----------------|B-10-------|--------10-|------------|----12-----|----------------|G----------|-----------|-12---------|--------12-|-11--11h12p11---|D----------|-----------|------------|-----------|----------------|A----------|-----------|------------|-----------|----------------|E----------|-----------|------------|-----------|----------------|
Verse 1: -------
D G A DI don't know but I believe, That some things are meant to be
Bm G G A D And that you make a better me, Everyday I love you
Riff played at end of D(after "..everyday I love u")e----0-----|B-2h3--3---|G----------|D----------|A----------|E----------|
D G A DI never thought that dreams came true, But youve shown me that they do
Bm G G A D I know that I learn something new, Everyday I love you
CHORUS: -------
G A D G A D Cos I believe that destiny is out of our control
G A D Bm G D G Aand you never live until you love with all your heart and soul
Verse2: -------
D G A DIts a touch when I feel bad, its a smile when I get mad
Bm G G A D All the little things I had, Everyday I love you
Bridge: Guitar solo:-------------------- D G A De----10-12-|14-9-10----|------9-10--|-12----9---|--------|B-10-------|--------10-|------------|----12-----|--------|G----------|-----------|-12---------|--------12-|-11-----|D----------|-----------|------------|-----------|--------|A----------|-----------|------------|-----------|--------|E----------|-----------|------------|-----------|--------|
..D Bm G A D
Repeat chorus Verse 3: --------
D G A DIf I asked would you say yes, together we're the very best
Bm G G A D I know that I am truly blesssed, Everyday I love you
Bm G G A D I now give you my best , Everyday I love you.
Outro:------ D G A De----10-12-|14-9-10----|------9-10--|-12----9---|--------|B-10-------|--------10-|------------|----12-----|--------|G----------|-----------|-12---------|--------12-|-11-----|D----------|-----------|------------|-----------|--------|A----------|-----------|------------|-----------|--------|E----------|-----------|------------|-----------|--------|
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