Rebecca Lavelle – Slow Motion chords

Hi folks, here's one of my favourit songs by Bec Lavelle.
At least I think that's what she plays ;-)
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Enjoy the song!!

Slow Motion - Bec Lavelle

-- CAPO 5th fret --

Intro: 	G       D       Em       C       2 x


EmIf I could draw a map
C I could show you where I am
G DWould you come and search for me
EmI could run a million miles
C Just to end at the start
G DTell me would you wait for me
Em D CWould you wait for me
G D EmWhy does it always have to come to this
C GFeels like the pieces never seem to fit
DGetting us nowhere like we’re moving
Em D CIn slow motion
G D EmWhy do we mend it just to watch it break
C GHow much of me is it gonna take
DI need to know how we can speed up
Em D CThis slow motion
Verse: If you could see the world For a minute through my eyes Would it look the same to you I can lift you up High above the ground Would you see my point of view Point of view Chorus 2 x Bridge:
D Em CI will lost not making ground
C DWhat can we do to fail in
Em C DStand and watch it all crash down
Chorus 3 x
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