Red House Painters – Things Mean A Lot tab


Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 21:50:27 -0500
From: "Hughes, Mike" 
Subject: CHORDS: "Things Mean Alot" by Red House Painters

Song:   Things Mean Alot
Artist: Red House Painters
Album:  Red House Painters (#2)
This arr. by Michael Hughes for solo guitar & voice
It would be great to correspond with some RHP fans. 
I'm hard pressed to find a band that I enjoy this much.    Sept '97

      1.Sorry I did not take the energy to name all
the chords (I would probably name them wrong anyway)
There is a lot of droning going on throughout, and I
thought this would be the easiest method to relate.
      2.This of course is not exact since I'm reducing
it to one guitar. It does however stand up fairly well.
      3.Lyrics in parenthesis are questionable. I sing,
"..heart's heights"
      4.Parenthesis are used with double-digit fret
numbers for clarity.
      5.See additional performance note at end
concerning OUTRO.
This is a gorgeous little bittersweet piece presented
more as a collage than as a verse,verse,chorus,etc form.

3/4 time

DADGAD tuning

INTRO: crescendo in with repeating   xo3o3o

xo3o3o   xo3ooo   xo54oo   xo5ooo   ooo2oo
A de-    scend-   ing      climb

4xxoo4                 7x7oo7
my feet can't make the hill

                    x5oo5o  x4oo4o    x5oo5o
to the top (of your heart's heights)
           (where your house hides)

x3oo3o             55oo5o
tomorrow she comes

                77oo7o    88oo8o
the one who I'd sworn and broke loyally

x3oo3o            o5oo5o
to take your place

       77oo7o      88(10)ooo
in the bed next to me

xo3o3o   xo3ooo    xo54oo   xo5ooo   ooo2oo
You      threat to make     me       dead

and none of this will matter

   77oo75   ooo2oo
or surface again

555755           ooo2oo
It scares you to know

        xxoo45   7779oo
that we won't be

             999(11)oo   5557oo
watching the same        sun

                999(11)oo   3335oo
or brooding the same        thoughts

       999(11)oo   5557oo      999xxx
in the same        part of the world

999(11)99   777977      4446oo   222422
Scares me   how you get older

            x244xxx        x355xxx
how you for-get about each other

999(11)99   777977      4446oo   222422
Scares me   how you get older

            x244xxx        x355xxx
how you for-get about each other
OUTRO:                                     \
888(10)oo                                  |
Things mean a lot at the time              |
2o2ooo             2o2o4o                  |
don't mean nothing later                   |
888(10)oo                5554ooo   555oo4  |
things mean a lot at the time              |
repeat outro 6 times, end with 888(10)oo
OUTRO performance note:
I like to pull off the highest fretted note
of the 888(10)ooo, 2o2o4o, and 555oo4 chords
on the upbeat of 2 just prior to moving to the
next chord and allow the open pulled-off note
to ring thru the next chord
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