Red House Painters – Take Me Out tab

D	   C 		     G    	C  	   G
That sound coming from those holes.....

D	     C				G    	C	   G
A voice that soars, and takes my wounds with it...

D   	    C			G	C 	G
To levels unknown.


C	    G	  D	  C
If only you could take me out........

C		 G    D    C
instead of back in........

	G  D   C        	   	G	D
to a relationship I don't understand

C	    G	  D	      C
If only you could take me out........

C			G    D     C
instead of back in......

     G  D	       C	 	G	D
to my self that's dying within.

D	  C			G	C	G
Your soul pours out of those holes.....

D	      C		    G	  C	G
Music of this, crazy time.

D		C
When your car crashed,

Am		    D
did your ghost find me?

F		E
And together entwined.

Repeat Chorus.

That's all for that song. I believe it's almost complete. It's nice and
simple, but well done on the album.

For this next song, I only have the main tab, but none of the changes or
chorus. If someone with a good ear could assist......


	(NOTE: 	To play it as I believe he's doing, you'll need to capo
	at the second fret. This is written as normal, though, the '2's
	representing where the capo would be.)

E------5---------5---------5---------5---|------5--|B-------3---------3---------3---------3--|-------3-|G----2---------2---------2---------2-----|----2----| ETC.D------------2---------4---------2-------|---------|A--5-------------------------------------|--5------|E----------------------------------------|---------|
I know it's not much, but this progression runs through the better part of the song. Now you just have to figure the rest of it..... Mail suggestions, comments and "you wuss, you like the red house painters" flames to either address below.
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