Red House Painters – Cruiser chords

If you want to play it in semi-standard tuning (6th string E lowered a half step) the 
chords go like this:

Tuning: Eb-A-D-G-b-e

Bb7e |--1--|b |--3--|g |--1--|d |--3--|a |--1--|eb|--x--|
Fm7add9e |--1--|b |--1--|g |--1--|d |--1--|a |--3--|eb|--x--|
Picked notes before the next chord: EbMaje |-------------|b |-------------|g |----------0--|d |------1---1--|a |--1h3-----1--|eb|----------0--|
If you want to play it an easier way in a different tuning- This is an Open EbMajor chord: Eb - Bb - Eb - G - Bb - Eb Chords go as so:
Bb7eb |--2--|bb |--0--|g |--1--|eb |--2--|bb |--0--|eb |--x--|
Fm7add9eb |--2--|bb |--2--|g |--1--|eb |--0--|bb |--2--|eb |--x--|
(Slide up to 4(G) on the First string to get that picked note Mark Kozelek does.) Picked notes before the EbMajor chord:
EbMajeb |----------x--|bb |----------0--|g |----------0--|eb |------0---0--|bb |--0h2-----0--|eb |----------0--|
If you know this song rhythmically and mechanically, you'll get it down. Thanks. Tabbed by: pinkfloyd21226 email:
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