Refreshments - Interstate tab

Song: Interstate
Band: Refreshments
Album: Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big & Buzzy
Tabbed by:

The last guy who tabbed this was right on. I just want to add a few things I've figured out myself. This 
a great song, it's got a very smooth feeling.


The chords in the beginning are GM-Em-C9-GM. You can play them with the lead figure by using two guitars, 
by using one guitar - just strum the bass notes of the chords and then play the the lead figure right afterwards.

Lead Figure:

Lead Figure with Chords:
And then he goes to this little thing here to finish off:
VERSE: The verse is four chords: Em-CM-Am-CM, then Em-CM-Am-DM. Every time he plays the A minor chord, he does hammer-on:
And with the D Major, for the last chord, he does this:
e--2-3-2--| (alternate F# and G)B--3------|G--2------|D--0------|A---------|E---------|
The strumming pattern for the verse is pretty easy to follow--just go with what feels natural. CHORUS: The chorus is more involved, but it's the same concept as the beginning. The top notes of the G Major stay throughout most of it, and the bass notes walk down by step.
GM G7 CM GMe-------3--3-------3--3--------3--3---------------------|B-------3--3-------3--3--------3--3---------------------|G-------0--0-------0--0--------0--0---------------------|D--0--0-------0--0------2--2-2-2--0---------------------|A--2--2-------X--X------3--3-3--------------------------|E--3--3-------2--2------0--0-0--------------------------|
GM G7 C9e-------3--3-------3--3--3--3-3--3-------------------|B-------3--3-------3--3--3--3-3--3-------------------|G-------0--0-------0--0--0--0-0--0-------------------|D--0--0-------0--0-------2--2-2--2-------------------|A--2--2-------X--X-------3--3-3--3-------------------|E--3--3-------2--2-----------------------------------|
Then you go to the A minor hammer-on, and then to C Major (keep strumming like the rest):
And then, after that, you go back to the verse chord progression again. The guitar solo and the vocals of overlap, and then the solo takes over. And that should be pretty much it. Except for the solo. I don't really do those, because they take too time. But enjoy this song, because it's really nicely written. NEIL
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