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Refreshments – Appreciate tab

from David Cushman,

D                     E
Well here we go again, all together now
       G                 D                G                   D
And I hope we don't get bored by all the same old twists and turns
D                     E
Well anything you say, you can have it that way
        G                     D                  G            D
Cause I trust to much what's soft to touch and I usually get burned

D  A                              D   A
     So let me read here from my notes
                     D   A
All these witty anecdotes
They're carefully conjured up to help me keep afloat, yeah

D              Bm               A
 Well A is for angry, B is for bored
           F#m             G
C is for clumsy and D's unsure
             E              F#m     G        A
But E is for everything that I just said to lie
    D          Bm          A            F#m
And F is for fidelity, the G who is the girl for me
      G                E                  F#m      G      D
While H hands out the heartache if I can't be with you tonight
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