Regine Velasquez – Youve Made Me Stronger chords

Intro: D-G-A-Bm/F#-

D Is it hard to believe I'm okay?
Em Am After all, it's been awhile
D7 G Since you walked away
F#m I'm way past crying
Em A7 Over you finding someone new
D You turn my days into night
Bm G But now I see the light
Em F#m C-A7 And this may be a big surprise to you
D (But/Cause) You've made me stronger
G A7 By breaking my heart
D You ended my life
G A7 And made a better one start
Bm You've taught me everything
A7 From falling in love
Bm To letting go of a lie
Em F#m Yes, you've made me stronger
G A7 D-G-A-Bm-G-A7 Baby, by saying goodbye
D If you'd rather believe I'm not over you
Bm Am Go ahead, there's nothing wrong
D7 G With making believe
F#m Em I know, cause I used to pretend
A7 You'd come back to me
D But time has been such a friend
Bm G Brought me to my senses again
Em F#m And I have you to thank
C For setting me free
(Repeat Chorus except last line)
G A Baby, by saying goodbye
Bm G Think again
Em A7 Don't feel so sorry for me, my friend
Bm G Oh, don't you know
Em A7 I'm not the one at the losing end
(Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step higher) except last line)
Ab Bb7 Baby, by saying
Eb Ab Bb You made me stronger by saying goodbye
Eb You ended my life
Ab Bb And made a better one start
Cm You've taught me everything
Ab Bb From falling in love
Cm To letting go of a lie
Fm Gm Yes, you've made me stronger
Ab Bb Eb-Ab-Eb Cm Baby, by saying goodbye, goodbye
Fm Gm Yes, you've made me stronger
Ab Bb Eb Cm-Bb-Eb Baby, by saying goodbye
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