Rend Collective Experiment - Desert Soul chords

                     Desert Soul - Rend Collective Experiment
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It's mostly just the F#m D A EExcept at the bridge, ending, and tag.
Verse 1: F#m D A EI love You Lord
But I want to love You more I need You God But I want to need You more
Verse 2: F#m D A EI'm lost without
Your creative spark in me I'm dead inside Unless Your resurrection sings Bridge:
D AI'm desperate for a desperate heart
F#m EI'm reaching out, I'm reaching
Chorus: F#m D A EAll that I am is dry bones
Without You Lord, a desert soul I am broken but running Towards You God, You make me whole Ending:
D A E D A EI'm a desert soul without you Lord
Tag: (x2)
D A EYou are exactly what we need
D A EOnly You can satisfy
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