Rend Collective Experiment - Alabaster chords version 1

                   Alabaster - Rend Collective Experiment
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Verse 1:
Bm7 A/C# DI am broken at Your feet
Bm7 A/C# DLike an alabaster jar
Bm7 A/C# DEvery piece of who I am
Bm7 A/C# DLaid before Your majesty
D Em D A/C#I will, Bow my life
Em D G Em D A/C#At Your feet, At Your feet
D Em D A/C#My lips so, lost for words
Em D G Em D A/C#Will kiss Your feet, kiss Your feet
Verse 2: Oh the gravity of You Draws my soul unto its knees I will never be the same I am lost and found in You
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