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Date: Sat, 11 Nov 1995 18:09:32 -0500

Friends of P
by David Dineen-Porter

"I was watching MTV the other day, and a song by the Rentals came on. I'm not
totally sure, but it looks like the lead singer is no other than Matt Sharp
from Weezer (did they split up?), when I recorded it on tape, I realized the
drummer is Patrick Wilson, the drummer for Weezer, no clue who the other
two guys are, but I'm pretty sure they're not Rivers Cuomo and Bryan Bell."
                                                        by Ben Wampler

I'd like to thank Ben for getting the TAB completly wrong, and allowing me to
fix it.  BTW, weezer did not split up, they are still playing to gether, Matt
Sharp is in both bands, as is Pat Wilson, the new Weezer CD should be out by
the summer of 1996.

"Anyway, I thought I'd just TAB it out to the best I can."
                                                        By Ben Wampler

You didn't do very well, but it's ok.


NOTE: Tune your guitar 1/2 step low and Dropped-D ie Db, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb
All songs on both Weezer and Return of The Rentals are 1/2 step low, so far
only Friends of P seems to be dropped D

D G A--- --- ---|--- --- ---|--- --- ---|-0- -3- -5-|-0- -3- -5-|-0- -3- -5-|
D G I'm a good guy for a gal D G So why don't you look my palm over D G I've got time for a chat D G So won't you tell me my future. :moog fill: A four 1/2 notes, stacatto G eight 1/4 notes normal I'm gonna break down at fifty and I'm not quite a stallion I'm a good guy for a gal and I'm mentally slipping (strumming changes with these two chords, watch for it!) A G Oh yeah, Oh yeah, whats that you see A G Oh boy, find out, whats up with me A G Oh yeah, Oh yeah, whats that you see A G Tell me, more o f what's gonna be D G A D If your friends with P., then your friends with me D G A D If you down with P., then your down with me D G A D Friends of P. Friends of P. D G A D Friends of P. Freinds ooh woo hoo hoo D G Somebody's fame a fortune is gonna come to them early I get two loves in my life and I'm dying at 90 If you want the MOOG parts or the violin, email me at
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