Rentals – Return Of The Rentals tab

album:  Return of the Rentals
tuning:  standard!!!

More simple than Ramones, the Rentals are a pip live, and Matt is a nut.
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***The Love I'm Searching For***

I don't think about the love I want
The love I'm searching for in this machine

B F# E F#
the systems failed all the circuits blown
and the message lost in this machine
try all the codes or possibilities
try all the combinations but still nothing

B F# E F#
........ all backed up my assistance
but he's the one who seems to know anything
Disconnect shut the reactor down
Separate the mass technology no

E F#
I try, you know I try I try I'm still maybe
I know you should be with me Even though it seems alright
I still believe you should be with me

repeat intro B F# E F#

pause (violin)
chorus (starting with Even though)
intro twice


riff: this riff comprises the entire song

A:-------------4-4-3-3-1-1---1---------|E:--4-4------4-----------------1-1-3-3-| back to beginning
intro: riff 4 times verse I'm waiting for something to come through I'm hoping I can write a real sweet tune No passion no more than these words I'm trying but still have nothing to offer chorus I'm waiting with nothing to do I'm waiting just waiting on you verse Sadly, just like before It's lifeless and soulless and yeah I fall way short No feeling sweet melody No four part barber's shop harmony chorus bridge G# G F G I'm waiting on you I'm waiting on you Chorus outro (with riff) Waiting on you ***Friends of P.*** verse C# F# I'm a good guy for a gal so won't you look my palm over I got time for a chat so won't you tell me my future G# F# verse C# F# I'm gonna break down at 50 I'm not quite a stallion I'm a good guy for a gal and I'm mentally slipping pre-chorus G# F# oh yeah oh yeah that's what you see oh boy found out what's up with me oh yeah oh yeah what's that you see Tell me more how it's gonna be chorus C# F# G# If you're friends with p. then you're friends with me if you're down with p. then you're down with me friends of p. friends of p. friends of p. verse so much fame and fortune is gonna come too early I got two loves in my life and I'm dying at 90 prechorus chorus prechorus (instrumental) verse (instrumental) chorus prechorus ***Move On*** verse B F# Let's get up and leave this town I just wanna go right now Once we get outta here Noone will notice that we disappeared verse So what do you say we go right now get awayfrom everyone that hangs around they seems so insincere why don't we just leave them here chorus B F# and move on move on verse B C# F# We'll find some place nice some other city or the countryside We'll make new friends in time we'll pack up and say goodbye chorus B C# F# and move on move on verse B C# F# Move on it's been 6 long years 6 years of hangin out without a care It don't matter where we go any where is better I know chorus twice B C# F# bridge A# B C# A# B C# F# Come on let's get away so faraway come on let's runaway runaway runaway today and move on move on ***Please Let That Be You*** verse B F# G# E Lost out in the machine Lifeless slow and cold Alone at home Alone too much Walk around the complex No visitor no oxygen just me no movements from G#>> B C# chorus E F# B Please let that be you Knocking on my door just like you do A F# Bringing a message or two E F# B You know you are my fate and I love you verse Empty everything technical So alone and..... Inside a malfunction Of .... and sense chorus bridge B F# G# E you are my fate stand by my side always be true you are my fate raise my right hand and swear it's true you are my fate x4 chorus ***My Summer Girl*** verse F# C# B My summer girl she was my world He's left her now ... somehow chorus F# B I know I'm not your type x3 I'll never be your type verse Our summer life Feelings real strong I feel the time I was knocked out chorus bridge/solo
verse My summer girl x4 chorus chorus I'll never be your type ***Brilliant Boy*** verse F# B C# Virginia back lawa so unburdened life Don't wake your parents of Ptomic tonight Feet on the couch by the tv's light In the basement no one else in sight prechorus G# F# I feel the day I'm not with you verse Unlock the front door sneak out the house Down to Montana where the sea hangs out You ain't pretty there ain't no doubt that your sweet voice and I move out prechorus chorus C# G# A# G# you're just a stupid girl stupid girl stupid girl I ain't no brilliant boy chorus verse down to trantepo where we're all in file goodbye Virgina with your lousy style I'll find my gal sometime next year good bye my gal I'll always love you dear prechorus twice chorus thrice F# B C# I ain't no brilliant boy ***Naive*** verse G B Is this it are we done must we carry on like such fools shameless fools is it finally over why when I call must you take so long only weeks sometimes months for you to call me hard chorus C G you're so naive you're so naive verse My friends were right should have played it smooth try to lie instead of being true chorus bridge C D I feel so wrong inside I miss my hand to get to sleep verse One more time though I know it's wrong Maybe you should do amine and everything's fine chorus outro G C G C# G C G D G ***These Days*** chorus F# B C# F# These days I may not be so happy afterall after all that I have gained I still feel sad when I'm all alone verse C# F# I may have felt that..... C# B C# F# I may not be so swift after all Eb B C# the chances you have given me C# F# I just let you go chorus verse I guess I've lived likethis before Sometimes I can't stand up and be a man But god why am I .... now When I need my strength at hand verse You know sometimes I can be real cool All the words seem to go right along But when that girl approaches me Well it all goes wrong chorus
bridgeA--2-1---1---4-2-1-2---2-1------4---4---4---2-4-|E------4-------------------4-2----2---2---2-----|these days leaving me hopelessly deleriousI wish these days would end oh please endchorus
first verse ***Sweetness and Tenderness*** verse C# G# I need to figure this out find where my place is I don't need to threaten anyone no need to get so defensive prechorus C# G# you say you're with me I know you don't care you say you're with me I know you don't care verse I guess it's real simple It's just like Gary Newman said you're just so faraway cold and distant you're just business you're worthless prechorus chorus F# C# G# C# oh sweetness I need some tenderness oh sweetness I need some tenderness verse you it's just like judas said I've been your right hand man all along ,y admiration for you hasn't died I havn't forgotten how put down we are prechorus chorus twice bridge C# G# come and go with me come and go with me sweetness come and og with me we can hide in peace and find tenderness verse this melody's wrong and I don't care this melody's wrong and yes I care
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