Reo Speedwagon - Bein Kind Can Hurt Someone Sometimes tab

Bein' Kind (Can Hurt Someone Sometimes)
REO Speedwagon
From the Album-REO II
Written by Kevin Cronin
Tabbed by Ray Scheidler 

Intro/Verse Pattern

Emsus2 Em7sus4E-----------------------------------------------|B------------------3---3---3---3----------------|G-----(4)---4------2---2---2---2----------------|D-----(4)---4-----------------------------------|A-----(2)---2------2---2---2---2----0-----------|E--0------------0------------------------0------|
Emsus2 Em7sus4E-----------------------------------------------|B----------------------------3----3----3----3---|G-----(4)----4---------------2----2----2----2---|D-----(4)----4----------------------------------|A-----(2)----2---------------2----2----2----2---|E--------------------0--------------------------|
(Intro/Verse Pattern) throughout:
Emsus2 Em7sus4 Emsus2 Em7sus4 Please don't worry now about the morning Emsus2 Em7sus4 Emsus2 Em7sus4 When it's time we'll sip our wine and sleep Asus2 Em7sus4 A C + Riff 1 But I've been known to love more than one person
Riff 1 < > Asus2 Em7sus4E-----------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------|G--4--2--0---------------------2----------------|D------------2---0-------------2----------------|A--------------------2--------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------| Oh and I've been shown
A C Emsus2 That bein' kind can hurt someone sometimes (Intro/Verse Pattern) Emsus2 Em7sus4 Emsus2 Em7sus4 Listen to my words now look no further Emsus2 Em7sus4 Emsus2 Em7sus4 What you've seen is what I mean no more Asus2 Em7sus4 A C + Riff 1 But I've been known to love more than one person Asus2 Em7sus4 A Oh and I've been shown that bein' kind C Em Can hurt someone sometimes D A Em G G D D A Em G G D D Don't dream of answers I've none to give A Em They burn like cancers G G D A Emsus2 + Intro And they just won't let you live no no Interlude:
Asus2 Em7sus4 AE----------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------|G---------------0---2--------------------------|D--2-----0---2---------------------------------|A-----2----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------| I've been known to love more
C + Riff 1 Asus2 Em7sus4 Than one person oh and I've been shown that A C Em Bein' kind can hurt someone sometimes D A Em Don't dream of answers G G D A Em G D D Cause you know I've none to give A Em We move like dancers A A A A A A Stepping on each other to live And bouncin' hard We're both animals in the yard D D D D D D And there's no healin' broken feelin' C D There's no denyin' that bein kind A A A A A Can hurt someone sometimes D Oh there's no denyin' oh lord there's no denyin' C D Em Em EmEm Em That bein' kind can hurt someone sometimes Repeat and fade
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