Rich Hardesty – Sugar Cane tab

Song:  Sugar Cane
Artist:  Rich Hardesty (
Words and Music by:  Rich Hardesty
Transcribed by:  Kelley Isenhower

This song is played with an acoustic guitar and a capo on the second fret.  Play the chords as shown as if there were no capo.  Listen to the song to figure out the timing.

Intro: (Capo on 2nd Fret)  Am  G  F    Am  G  F
                    Am      G                  F                   Am   
She sparkles in the sun.     She gets what she needs. She made the guitar man 
       G                          F                   Am               G
in the band play some pretty good leads. She's in the front row of the show 
                 F                  Am                   G
back seat of the car. She wrote her name and number on a match box in the 
smokey bar.
                C                          F
: She's a calling on me she's on the end of the line. 
   C                          F
Im sitting at my desk with my guitar trying to make up a ryhme
                      C                               F 
but I don't feel like talking to her in this point in time. 
          C                                        F
I guess a year ago I would have dropped everything just to make her feel fine. 
Am   G    F     
Oooooooooooh... we used to dance in the sun.
Am   G    F     
Oooooooooooh... But those days are gone.
Am   G    F        
Oooooooooooh.... we made love in the rain, 
Am   G    F
Oooooooooooh....she used to be my sugar cane, sugar cane. 

              Am                   G                       F             Am    
 She left her sleeping bag in the trunk for the late night moon. She did hippy 
     G                        F                          Am  G
crack what a way to share her balloons. She wanted it to last but I came to
F                    Am        G      F
fast.... just like a Bobby song or a Jerry Song.

                       Am   G                         F
I didn't know what she meant but know I know what she means.
                   Am    G                         F
Its not the way it looks, its just the way that it seems.
             Am           G                  F 
She wants to move out west and live in a log cabin home. 
          Am              G                          F
I need to spend some time alone and write a few good poems. 

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