Rich Hardesty – I Never Wanna Fucking See You Again tab

This song is soo cool! if any of you who read this now who Rich Hardesty is email me
at (Daniel Jacobson) because like no one knows him since he is underground

Never Wanna Fucking See You Again

(G) Well your all upset about (D) nothing

Never wanna (Am) hurt you never wanna (C) make you cry.

(G) Just keep the (D) bullshit to (Am) yourself. (C)

(G) You never wanna listen to (D) what I said.

You (Am) drove me nuts and got me (C) out of my bed.

(G) When I didn't want to (D) get up in the (Am) morning (C).

(G) What ever happened to (D) me and you is (Am) on page (C) 672

and(G) thats the end of the (D) book so (Am) fuck you. (C)


Because I (G) never wanna fucking (D) see you (Am) again. (C)

(G) You've always been a (D) bitch , since (Am) I can remember (C) when.

You (G) irritate my (D) brain and (Am) you're driving (C) me insane.

No, I never(G) wanna fucking (D) see your ugly ass (Am) again.

(C) Why did you have to be such a (G) bitch.

(D) I said you fucking (Am) bitch.

(G)You pissed me off and you (D) jerked me off

And when (Am) I was gone you jerked my (C) best friend off.

(G) But I guess I can (D) see how you (Am) are. (C)

(G) You walked around with your (D) pants zipped down

Being (Am) friendly to every (C) guy in the town.

(G) Just keep the (D) bullshit to (Am) yourself.

(C) She had (G) coooooties, (D) in her gosh darn (Am) booooooty. (C)

(G) She smoked all of my (D) herb so I (Am) kicked her to the (C) fucking curb.
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