Richard Ashcroft – Bitter Sweet Symphony tab

This is a tab for one of the live recordings of Bitter Sweet Symphony by Richard
for iTunes in London. He played the song on an acoustic guitar, and it doesn't particularly
the original recording, but more the overall harmony. It's a nice version of the song 
and easy to play, just repeating 4 chords:

(Standard Tuning) (Also the song is in the key of E)

E - 022100
Esus4 - 022200
Dsus2- xx0230
Asus2 - x02200

Intro: |E||Esus4          ||Dsus2||Asus2           | x4

Well it's a |E| bitter |Esus4| sweet |Dsus2| sym|Asus2|phony my |E| life

|Esus4          ||Dsus2||Asus2           |

Trying to |E| make ends |Esus4| meet, you're a |Dsus2| slave to |Asus2| money then you

|Esus4          ||Dsus2||Asus2           |

I'll take you |E| down the |Esus4| only |Dsus2| road I've |Asus2| ever |E| been down

|Esus4          ||Dsus2||Asus2           |

You know the |E| one that |Esus4| takes you to the |Dsus2| places where |Asus2| all the
|E| meet, yeah

|Esus4          ||Dsus2||Asus2           |

The next bit sounds nice if you palm mute it and then slowly mute it less and less to
a 'build up'
No |E| change, I can't |Esus4| change, I can't |Dsus2| change, I can't |Asus2| change,

but I'm |E| here in my |Esus4| mold , I am |Dsus2| here in my |Asus2| mold

And I'm a |E| million different |Esus4| people from |Dsus2| one day to the |Asus2| next

I can't |E| change my |Esus4| mold, no, |Dsus2| no, no, no, |Asus2| no

Have you ever |E| been down |Esus4          ||Dsus2||Asus2           |

As you can see this pattern just repeats through the song. The strumming is quite easy
workout and just needs some upstrokes on the B and E strings now and then (listen to the
for when).


by Sam Matthews
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