Ride – In A Different Place tab

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Subject:      In a Different Place, by Ride

This is how I play this song, and it comes out sounding close to what's on the
CD.  Below are little snippets of the various guitar tracks in the song:

|-----------3---3-3- --------0--------0-----0---------------||--0--1--3---------- --0--1-----0--1-----1------------------| lay these two little riffs|------------------- ---------------------------------------| over each other for the|------------------- ------------------------- <--- intro--||------------------- ---------------------------------------||------------------- ---------------------------------------|
- The verse is just these chords arpeggiated: G Am C Em , and these chords are basically the backbone of the song. - I play the chorus like this:
|----------2---------------0------0-----0-------0------- ---1----| last|----------3---------------3------3-----3-------3------- ---1----| chord|----------2---------------0------0-----0-------0------- ---2----||----------0---------------2------0-----2-------0------- ---3----| <====|----------0---------------3------2-----0-------2------- ---3----||-----------------------------------------------3------- ---1----| "...And we're smiling...
- There are other overlying guitar tracks in the song which I neglected to include here because they are disappointly insignificant when played on their own. Anyway, if anyone ever ftp's this tab, I hope you like it. This is the way I play it, but i've been wrong before :) Van Vekris - 3ev1@Qucdn.QueensU.CA Blowing bubbles lying down, waiting for the rain to fall... laughing at the people, wonder why they always blush?, (?) never slow down... (?) And we're smiling when we're sleeping, And we're smiling when we're waking, Even if the rain falls down, and all the sky turns cold, I will feel fine.... Thunderrods and lightning flash, but you and I were in a different time... Floating in and out of time, in and out of space, no one else can touch us now, we're in a different place. (drop acid here)
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