Rihanna - Suicide tab

			     SUICIDE - Rihanna
Tabbed by:Lisa :)

Tuning:Basic....Capo 7th fret....

The chords are Em, C, Am, Em7

Em. C. Am. Em7e|-------------------------------------------------------------------3----------------|B|----------------------0--------------1---------------1-----------0------------------|G|----------------0----------------0---------------2------------0---------------------|D|-----------2-----------------2---------------2-------------2------------------------|A|------2------------------3---------------0------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Sorry I didnt write the whole tab,its all pretty much the same the whole song but this is my first tab and i didnt see the point in doing the same thing over and over.... ANYWAY :) i hope its right to you and you enjoy it cause its the only one i can find now since i made it :))) let me know if its right ************************************
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