Rilo Kiley – Bulletproof tab


Tabbed by: Fantasy Paradox
No capo
Play fingerstyle. Similar to picking pattern of Astair by Matt Costa Mostly just listen. 
are too many variations to tab it out.
Chord bank at bottom

Intro: Something like this:

C G/b A Dm G

C                   G/b                 A
If you think you're bulletproof, you're right
                  Dm             G                 C
Because you've weathered all my slings and arrows, well.
C                 G/b            A
If you think I'm paranoid thats fine,
                Dm       G         C
Cause I've got evidence on my side.
C            G/B        A
If you wanna come over tonight, thats fine
Dm        G         C
Because I have no plans.

F                     C      G       C
Please be kind, don't drop a rock on me.


How many blows to the belly will this thing take
We refer to as our true love?
We both know it's dead and its been dying for some time
But we refuse to let it go.

F                     C      G       C
Please be kind, don't drop a rock on me
Don't go outside
C                     C/B        Am
And discover that you like being free
Cause if you did
C              G             C
You'd be dropping the rock on me.

There are embelishments all over the place, they involve some pretty simple hammerons on 
higher strings.
Theres too much variation to tab it all out, so that's the basis, and have fun.

ANY SUGGESTIONS: Comment. I'm not so sure about the G/b in the verse or the C/b in the 
but there ya go.


C: x32010
G/b: x2003(3) you can mute out the high e string if you want.
A: x02220
Dm: x00231
G: 320033
F: 133211
Am: x02210

NOTE: during the verse there's a walkdown thing during the A chord. I figured it was 
easy and sounded cool, so here it is:

e |-0-3-1-1--------|B |-2-2-0-3--------|G |-2---0-2--------|D |-2-----0--------|A |-0--------------|E |----------------|
Its not timed right there, but it goes along with the melody. Have fun.
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