Ritchie Valens – Malaguena tab

Hey, I've been playing the guitar for a few weeks now and I'm a big fan of Ritchie
I've found tabs for a lot of songs from Ritchie Valens but not for Malaguena. Eventhough he
finished his version the instumental version was already recorded and released on one of
albums released after his dead. I tried to tab it my own after my uncle thaught me how
play the main riff. So here is the intro of Malaguena with the riff following after it
a nice part to end your playing. (Unless you are specifically looking for this song I
you to listen to the recording of Ritchie Valens to get the right rhythm and get your 
right: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=dNKz-BYgAX0 )

			     Malaguena – Ritchie Valens
Tabbed by: Sonny Struik
Email: Sonny-QF062@kpnplanet.nl


You can hear in the intro that it's tremolo picking all the way through except for the note but I believe the notes played are slightly different then how I tabbed it, so you better just play it normally. When I do find out how to do it exacly like Ritchie, I reupload.
Riff: E Ee|---0---------0---------0---------0-----|B|---0---------0---------0---------0-----|G|---1---------1---------2---------2-----|D|---2---------2---------3---------2-----|A|---2---------2---------3---------3-----|E|---0---------0---------0---------0-----| Strum 3x Strum 2x Strum 3x Strum 2x but faster but faster
All strums are downstrokes.
Outro: E E Ee|---0---------0---------0------0-----0-----0---|B|---0---------0---------0------0-----0-----0---|G|---1---------1---------2------4-----3-----2---|D|---2---------2---------3------5-----3-----2---|A|---2---------2---------3------5-----2-----1---|E|---0---------0---------0------0-----0-----0---| Strum 3x Strum 2x Strum 3x but faster
Hope you like it, it's my first!
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