Ritchie Valens – Stay Beside Me chords

Intro: F - Bb - F - Bb

F Bb F BbStay beside me, here beside me
F C GmStay beside me day after day
C C7 C BbWhen I'm feeling blue, let me look at you
C Bb C C7 FOh my darling, please won't you say
F Bb F BbYou'll stay beside me, help & guide me
F C GmNever never leave me alone
C C7 C BbTrust & love me, be proud of me
C Bb C C7 FLet me keep your heart for my own
Bb Am Bb FWith your love, you make me strong
Bb F Bb CCome to me where you belong
F Bb F BbStay beside me, close beside me
F C GmYou must know it's you I adore
C C7 C BbYou were meant for me, you will always be
C Bb C/C7 FMy true love for-ever more
Artist: Ritchie Valens Song: Stay Beside Me Tabbed by: Jude Fonseka
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