Roger Waters – Home chords

This song is definitely one of Roger Waters' best lyrical efforts.

C#m Could be Jerusalem, or it could be Cairo
BCould be Berlin, or it could be Prague
A Could be Moscow, could be New York
BCould be Llanelli, and it could be Warrington
C#mCould be Warsaw
Band it could be Moose Jaw
ACould be Rome, Everybody got somewhere they call
EWhen they overrun the defences
BA minor invasion put down to expenses
A Will you go down to the airport
C#m (in all the other choruses, this is just a B) lounge
EWill you accept your second class status
BA nation of waitresses and waiters
AWill you mix their martinis, Will you stand
Bstill for it, Or will you take to the
And so forth.
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