Runrig - Skye Live tab

Song:   Skye (Live)
Artist: Runrig
Album:  The Collection

I really love this song but can only find a live version of it, no recorded
version.  However, it still sounds great.  Here are the main lead riffs and
the rhythm chords; I have not quite worked out the quiet bit in the middle
though.  Enjoy!

A E Fm D A E Fm De||--------------------------2-----5--2------------|--------------------------2--5--2h5-----5-||B||-----------5--5-----------------------5--2p0----|-----------5--5---------------------------||G||--2--2--2---------------------------------------|--2--2--2---------------------------------||D||------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------||A||------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------||E||------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------||
A E Fm D A E Fm De||--------------------------2-----5--2------------|-----------------------------------2------||B||-----------5--5-----------------------5--2p0----|--------------2h5------------2h5------5--2||G||--2--2--2---------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------||D||------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------||A||------------------------------------------------|--0--0--0--0--------------0---------------||E||------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------||
E How can't you see A The wilderness growing free E Time wounded and scarred D A Stroking away the years E It's hard to believe Fm But memories are old ghosts A Mountains of black and gold E Sunsets falling over the moor Fm Oh take me there E Fm 'S na horo eile, horo bho E Fm 'S na horo bho, hillean o E Fm 'S na horo eille ho, Take me there [Intro] E You take your dream A And make life what you feel E Appearances lead to deceive D A This drama so far from me E Destiny Fm On facts aching wings A Wild geese fly low over your shores E Hearts sailing over the trees Fm Oh take me there E Fm 's na horo eile, horo bho E Fm 's na horo bho, hillean o E Fm 's na horo eille ho, Take me there Lead part after repeating the Intro after the Interlude:
A E Fm D A E Fm De||----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------||B||5----------------2h3----2-----------3----2h3--|--5----------------2h3----2-----------3----2h3||G||------2-----4-----------------2---------------|--------2-----4-----------------2-------------||D||----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------||A||----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------||E||----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------||
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