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Runrig – Hearts Of Olden Glory tab

Hearts Of Olden Glory. One of the many amazing Rungrig Songs.
Ive seen them twice now and they just get better and better!!

Capo 3rd fret
Intro: G 
                         G                                   D
There's thunder clouds round the home town bay
        C                 G
As i walk out in the rain
G                               D                 C               D
Through the seepier showers and the fort of flood days
G                                       D
I caught a fleeting glimpse of light 
C                                      G
Though the waters black as night
G                  D                     C      D
Colours of Scotland leave you young inside

Em                     C
There must be a place
G             D
Under the sun
Em                      C     G            D
Where hearts of olden glory grow young

G                                D
Theres a vision coming soon
                   C                            G
Through the faith that cleans your wounds
G                     D         C       D
Hearts of olden glory, will be re-unied

G                                                      D
And down the glens where the headland stands
               C                     G
I feel a healing through this land
G                    D                   C                      D
A cross for our people, like the wind through your hands


By XEMX (Runrigs Biggest Fan) Aged 16!! 
(I Love Ryan, the keyboard player, he's gonna go far!!)
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