Ruth Etting - Exactly Like You chords

Exactly Like You
Words & Music by Dorothy Fields & Jimmy McHugh
Recorded by Ruth Etting, 1930 (#11)

Intro Verse:

D A7 G A7 A7/9 D6 CdimI used to have a per - fect sweet - heart --
Em7 A7 A7+5 D CimNot a real one, just a dream;
Em7 Gdim Em7 G/B A7A won - der - ful vis - ion of us as a team.
D A7 G A7 A7/9 D6 CdimCan you im - ag - ine how I feel now?
Em7 A7 A7+5 B7Love is real now, it's i - deal;
Em7 A7 D B7You're just what I wan - ted,
Em7 A7 Cdim A7 A7+5And now it's nice to live, par - a - dise to live.
D G Em7 D E7 D9 A7 E7I know why I've waited, know why I've been blue;
A7 G A Em7 A7 D Em7 Fdim D A7sus4Prayed each night for some - one ex - act - ly like you.
D G Em7 D E7 D9 A7 E7Why should we spend mon - ey on a show or two?
A7 G Fdim A7 Em7 D G Fdim DNo one does those love scenes ex - act - ly like you.
D9 Am7 D7 G6 EdimYou make me feel so grand,
A7 Em7 D G DI want to hand the world to you;
F#7 Bm7 G GdimYou seem to understand
A7 DM7 D6Each foolish little scheme I'm schem - ing,
Em7 A7 A7+5Dream I'm dream - ing.
D G Em7 D E7 D9 A7 E7Now I know why moth - er taught me to be true --
A7 G Fdim A7 Em7 D G Fdim DShe meant me for someone ex -act - ly like you.
The lyric and guitar chord transcriptions are the work of The Guitarguy
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