Ruth Etting – Mean To Me chords

Mean To Me
Words & Music by Roy Turk & Fred E. Ahlert
Recorded by Recorded by Ruth Etting, 1929
Also recorded by Helen Morgan, 1929

A7sus4 Dm7 B7 Em7 C#7 F#m7 Bm7 GM7You're mean to me. Why must you be mean to me?
C Bb9 DM7 Am B7 Em7 A7sus4 A7-9 DM7 D6Gee, honey, it seems to me you love to see me cryin'
E6 A7sus4 A7 DM7 B7 Em7I don't know why I stay home
C#7 F#m7 Bm7 GM7Each night, when you say you'll phone.
C Bb9 DM7 Am B7You don't and I'm left a - lone,
Em7 A7sus4 A7-9 DM7 D6Singin' the blues and sigh - in'.
D D9 D7 GM7 G6 D D9 D7 GM7 G6You treat me cold - ly each day in the year;
C C9 Cdim Em+7 Em6You al - ways scold me
C C9 Cdim E6 A7 A7+5When - ev - er some - body is near, dear.
Dm7 B7 Em7 C#7 F#m7 Bm7 GM7It must be great fun to be mean to me
C Bb9 DM7 Am B7You shouldn't, for can't you see
Em7 A7-9 D6 Fdim Em7 A7 A7+5 D6What you mean to me?
The lyric and guitar chord transcriptions are the work of The Guitarguy.
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