Ryan Adams – Cold Roses tab

This song actually has two parts, but they complement each other well - here it is as 
part.  Ryan actually plays it w/ a capo on the second fret as well.  here ya go.

Cold Roses
by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

standard tuning
capo II

use this for G7 (misnamed?) :  3x0032

intro (play twice!):e--3p2p0-0--------------------------------|b-------3---3p2p0-2-----------------------|G----------------4------2-----------------|D--------------------0h2------------------|A-0--------0-------------0----------------|E-----------------------------------------|
verse (words are wrong): A Asus4 nervous in the room in your black and blue Bm D with your sunday morning and your saturday shoes A E G A (fill A) We don't choose who we love we don't choose chorus: Em G7 Daylight comes and exposes D A G D Dsus4 Dadd9 Saturday's bruises and cold roses A G D Cold Roses
fill A:e--3p2p0-0--|b-------3---|G-----------|D-----------|A-0---------|
you get it. good luck. have fun.
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