Ryan Bingham - Roadhouse Blues chords

Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses - Roadhouse Blues
Standard Tuning

EIíve been paying them road house dues
A7 B7 ESince I was a young boy
EDrifting and rambliní with my old man searching
A7 B7 EAround for that West Texas oil
A7 B7 EWell ainít nobody know
A7 B7 EWhere Iím gonna go

A7 B7 EAinít nobody know
A7 B7 EThese here gypsy roads
Straight out them bad lands well I come a runniní Out of New Mexico Eighteen wheelers and freight trains and pump jacks Well hell I rode upon Mr. Armadillo donít stand in my way I ainít gonna stick around here I donít know why I canít fly this gypsy ride On out the cosmic cowboy atmosphere
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