Ryan Cabrera – Photo tab

Artist:Ryan Cabrera
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Capo on 2nd

intro &verse:

Dsus e|-------3--------------------------------------------|B|----3-3----3-3--------------------------------------|G|-----2------2--1------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------|
chords on verse: D A C Ge|---2----------------------3----------------------------|B|---3-----2-----1----------3----------------------------|G|---2-----2---------------------------------------------|D|---------2-----2---------------------------------------|A|---------------3----------2----------------------------|E|--------------------------3----------------------------|
A photo, can say a thousand things But it can't say the million things I wanna say A photo, can capture the way we were But it can't capture the way we are Cause you're far away
prechorus: F then (hand muted) Ame|-1-1-x-x------------------ -----------|B|-1-1-x-x------------------ -1---------|G|-2-2-x-x------------------ -2---------| D|-3-3-x-x------------------ -2---------|A|-3-3-x-x------------------ -----------|E|-------------------------- -----------|
What it's like to know you What it's like to touch you G yeah...
Chorus C G Am Fe|------------3--------------------------1------------|B|-1----------3-----------1--------------1------------|G|------------------------2--------------2------------|D|-2----------------------2--------------3------------|A|-3----------2--------------------------3------------|E|------------3--------------------------1------------|
When you told me that you loved me Were those just words? You can't tell me you don't need me And I know that hurts Cause I'm looking at your picture Cause it's all I got Maybe one day, you and me will have One more shot Verse 2:Same pattern Timing, lost minutes and moments Yeah, I might be lonely, girl But I'm not afraid In a second, it all comes right back to me No, nothing's forgotten now Yeah, everything's saved Bridge F You were my life G You were my faith' Am F You gave me hope everyday repeat chorus.... Listen to it dats pretty much of it hope you like it request:ana ong Ym:ong_benteuno
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