Ryanhood - Alright chords


 [D]Me and Sergio[G] can make a [A]microphone out of [D]anything.
And it [G]seems to me in [A]metaphor for [D]life.
Just go [G]driving a[A]round with the [D]win[A]down [G]down feeling[A] alright.

[D]Ahh[G]. [D]Alright[G]. Whoa.[D] Ahh[G]. Ahh[A]. Alright.[D]

[D]Me and Ryan G.[G] can make the best[A] of things almost anywhere[D].
And it [G]seems to me in [A]metaphor for life[D].
Go from [G]town to [A]town and make the[D] best of [A]whats around[G].
And its [A]alright.

[D]Ahh[G]. [D]Alright[G]. Whoa.[D] Ahh[G]. Ahh[A]. Alright.[D]

For we will [G]all run [A]out of [D]bread. And we will [G]all run [A]out of [D]sugar.
And we will [G]all run [A]out of [D]wine. Thats fine. Cuz itll [C]all come [A]back in [D]time.
And it will [C]all be [G]alright[D]. Yeah.   C  G   D

[D]Ahh.[G] [D]Alright[G]. [D]Ahh. [G]Whoa.. [D]Alright. [G]Yeah.
[D]Ahh.[G] Ahh[A]. Alright[D]. Whoa. [D]Ahh. [G]Ahh. [A]Alright.  [D]

Well its [G]110[A], but Im [D]with [A]my [G]friends, and [D]we re singing:
It will be [C][G]alright[D]. It will be [C][G]alright[D]. Yeah, yeah, [C][G]alright[D], yeah. 
C  G  D
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