Ryanhood – The World Awaits chords

[Intro]   A  D   A   D

The [A]day youre born in the [D]first day you cry. Theres [A]no warm welcome for to life.
[G]Some get a silver spoon. [D]Some get a name. [A]Some get hated or thrown away. [G]Some people criticize, [D]say youre too far, too [A]much of whatever you are. And theyll [F#m]pick you apart, to [D]show that theyre smart, but [A]show that youve got it [D]takes. [A] The [D]world awaits you. [F#m] The [D]world awaits you. [D] A D
[A]Some will sing of [D]sunlit days. [A]Some get so sad that they step in the way of a train.
You [G]think that youre losing. You [D]feel like youre lost. But youre [A]finding purpose, and after you cross, [G]what you were made for, [D]no one can say. But youre [A]finding out everyday. And it [F#m]picks you apart, and it [D]cuts to the heart, and til you [A]know that youve what it [D]takes. A The [D]world awaits you. F#m The [D]world awaits you. [E]Ahh. [D]Ahh. [E]Ahh. [D]Ahh. [D]Everyone [F#m]falls. [A]Everyone [E]breaks. Well you [D]feel like youre fading. You [E]feel like youre gone. But the[A] bones that youve broken are [E]growing in stronger. Its a [D]difficult world in a [E]beautiful way, [E]turning your pain into strength. [A]Go. The[D] world awaits you. [F#m] The [D]world awaits you. [A]Go. The [D]world awaits you. [F#m]Go. The [D]world awaits, the [D]world awaits you, the [D]world awaits you, the [D]world awaits
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